Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to enhance your business

We’re a Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science consulting firm that develops personal AI driven solutions that produce results to optimize business processes.

Your personal data & AI strategy

Our engineers design and implement highly customized Machine Learning (ML) solutions that are aligned with your business objectives. We begin by evaluating your strategy, resources and data sets and then create tailored end-to-end solutions.

Masasana’s AI, we call her MAI, provides a general approach to business process optimization where she increasingly learns about and through her environment. Smart algorithms coupled with machine learning provide a perfectly tailored combination to optimize your business. The wide range of applications in different industries help MAI to fine-tune their results to their environment.

„Human should do his best to become intelligent himself.“

– Stanislaw Lem –

Data – The oil of the 21st century.
AI – The tool that masters it.

Without data, nothing is possible today. We develop new business models and promote innovation. We help you implement new data strategies and analyze them. Artificial intelligence is the best tool to achieve this goal. We will show you how to use this tool.

What we can do for you

Automation potential exists in almost every business area. We have developed MAI to fully exploit this potential. It has been specially developed so that it can be integrated into almost any use case. MAI can help, for example, in high-security strategies, image recognition and processing, fraud protection or traffic forecasting.

Data Security

One of our most important tasks is the protection of your data. Security is paramount in everything we do. We follow strict security standards and work continuously to improve them. Just convince yourself of our data security quality standards.

How to find us

Dahlenerstraße 570 41239 Mönchengladbach