Case Studies

Wolf and herd protection through Artificial Intelligence

The goal was to use neural networks to enable animal owners to actively protect themselves from wolf attacks. This is to be provided in the form of a user-friendly app that is connected through an API to our in-house developed artificial intelligence. This AI will be used primarily to detect wolves in camera footage. Read more

Skateboard AI

Building an app and AI to evaluate skate tricks to provide independent training for skateboarders. Read more

Mindwatch (Backend)

An app on a smartwatch, which interactively conveys a positive mindset to the user, is intended to relieve the burden on the healthcare system and provide people with guidance when waiting for therapy places and support in everyday life. Read more

Green-IT AI-Box for server landscapes

The Green-IT AI-Box shut down a server landscape to minimum operation if a decrease in utilization has been reported or forecast. As a result, the CO2 emissions of the server landscapes are reduced and a cost saving is achieved because the energy consumption is minimized. Read more

IoT-platform for smart tree irrigation

Development of an IoT-platform to make tree irrigation in a city more efficient and environmentally friendly. Thereby, our specially developed sensors capture the actual water demand of the trees and a waste of resources will be avoided. Read more