AI-Ready Cloud-native Hyper Converged Infrastructure


Building a secure, cloud-native IT infrastructure, with persistent data storage, services that can be easily integrated, managed and monitored.


An AI-capable Micro Service Architecture with DevOps principles, which are used in a Hybrid Cloud.


Python, VMware, Public Cloud, Docker, Elastic Search



Especially during the Corona Crisis, companies of all sizes had a strategic advantage if they were able to move quickly and bring ideas to market quickly.

This includes a cultural change within a company that allows the transition from big-bang projects to more incremental improvements.

At the core of a cloud native strategy is the management of technical risks. In the past, our standard approach to avoiding risks has been to proceed slowly and cautiously.

The cloud native approach is about moving forward quickly by taking small, reversible, low-risk steps with the overall goal of improving speed, scalability and ultimately margin.


Cloud Native is an approach to building applications as micro services and running them on a containerized and dynamically orchestrated platform that takes full advantage of the cloud computing model.

Cloud-native is about how applications are built and deployed, not where. Such technologies enable organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private and hybrid clouds.

These applications are built from the ground up, designed as loosely coupled systems, optimized for cloud scale and performance, leverage managed services, and take advantage of continuous delivery to achieve reliability and faster time to market.


With the strict application of AI-Ready Cloud-native Hyper Converged Infrastructure techniques and methodologies, we have been able to minimize project risks, significantly reduce IT project costs, downtime in the event of a failure, and dramatically reduce time-to-market.

The following services could be tested and provided within a few weeks:

Knowledge and collaboration systems

Agile Project Management Software

Business intelligence reporting

Machine Learning Pipelines

MySQL/NoSQL databases

PCI-DSS certification

Change Management

Private Cloud Drive

System Monitoring

Platform Solutions

DevOps Pipelines

Service Desk

Companies are able to provide system resources at short notice without having to worry about administrative overhead. Employees and teams can try out new software at short notice, initiate process changes and developers become platform independent. This allows data-driven business models to be driven and brought to market faster.