Who We Are

Science fiction didn’t do a great job in giving us a real understanding how AI works.

We believe the world is at the very beginning of a giant revolution driven by artificial intelligence. Our mission is to bring the power of AI to your business.

About Masasana

Masasana was founded in 2018 by its CEO Jonas Becher. Inspired by the African elephant Masasana, who lives in the Krueger National Park in South Africa, Jonas decided to pursue his favourite subject of computer science, development and research of artificial intelligence and founded Masasana AI. Masasana is Tsonga and means “One can always make a plan”.

From the green heart of Mönchengladbach, Masasana supports companies and institutes as a professional software consultant specializing in the development of special solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of highly modern algorithms, they work continuously on the optimization of their AI portfolio in order to make it more efficiently usable in the B2B sector.

MAI is Masasana’s own artificial intelligence and is 100% “Made in Germany”. One of their most important corporate philosophies is the security of their customer data.
This also means respecting the informational self-determination of one’s customers.

MAI uses data only for the benefit of society, the environment and the economy.
The employed Data Scientists, Engineers, Architects, Analysts, Designers and Developers are not only active in an advisory capacity.

We’re deep learning natives! We’re Masasana AI!

Jonas Becher

CEO & Head of Strategy

Tobias Freund

Head of Development


Head of AI

Work Hard, Play Hard!

AI development and staying on the ball of the ever faster advancing technical revolution is hard work. Nevertheless, the fun doesn’t come too short with us. We are more than a boring and profit-oriented company.

AI from Human for Human means not to forget humanity. With all its advantages and disadvantages.

How to find us

Enscheder Str. 9 41069 Mönchengladbach